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Best Times to Buy - Furniture

 Feb 01, 2024
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Whether it’s high time to replace that secondhand Craigslist couch, or you’re desperate to revamp your outdoor space with a new patio set, you’ll want to get the best deal for your money. Why pay full price on new furniture when you don’t have to? Unfortunately, though, knowing when to look for furniture that’s on sale can be tricky. How can you know when it’s truly the best time to buy furniture? 

Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers. We’ve researched the best times to buy furniture so you can pick up the best deals all year round. Here’s when to buy furniture at bargain prices throughout the year.


February is a fabulous time for picking up discounts on furniture. The weeks surrounding Presidents Day tend to feature loads of sales on all kinds of furniture. This month is right at the end of winter in the retail calendar, and stores need to clear their inventory to make room for the incoming spring line. To draw customers into buying the going-out-of-season models, they’ll slash prices and host mega sales.

While you’ll find marked-down prices on various furniture pieces in February, indoor furniture will see the steepest discounts this month. Look for sales on sofas, dinette sets, coffee tables and any of the other pieces for furnishing your home. 

Presidents Day weekend sales can hit way before the actual national holiday, so start looking for price cuts early in the month and follow your favorite furniture retailers through the holiday weekend to snag the best bargains. As always, it’s a good idea to compare prices at several retailers before settling on a specific piece from one seller to ensure you get the best possible deals.


Late summer is also a fantastic time for furniture finds. As another end-of-season month, August brings overcrowded showrooms with retailers who are eager to make room for incoming merchandise. Cash in on this need by shopping for furniture in August to land discounts you won’t see just one month earlier.

For the best possible deals, look for outdoor furniture in particular during August. Patio sets and lawn chairs are at their highest pricing in mid-summer, but by the time August rolls around, prices will be dropping dramatically. Deck your outdoors in the finest for the tail-end of the season, or store it for a fresh start next year when winter melts into spring. 

While furniture sales tend to peak in August, you can find discounted outdoor furniture from the Fourth of July up until Labor Day, so be sure to keep an eye out for sales all summer long.

Furniture-buying tips

Whether you’ll be hitting up the furniture warehouse deep in the winter or late in the summer, these tips can help you get your money’s worth:

  • Be patient. You’ll need to live with this furniture for years to come, so don’t jump into a purchase without loving it. It’s worth waiting a few weeks, or even a few months, to end up with furniture you adore instead of stuff you ultimately regret buying.
  • Layer coupons and sales. Always check a retailer’s online site for coupons and discounts before visiting their store. 
  • Be wary of junk from overseas. If you found some furniture online that seems to be too good for its price, there may be a reason for that. Pieces from abroad, especially in countries with little or no government oversight on businesses, can really disappoint. The furniture may be cheaply made and not last long, or look entirely different than it appeared online. Before buying from an overseas manufacturer, research the company carefully, and check online reviews to see if they have a return policy.
  • It won’t build itself. When ordering furniture online, remember that it usually comes disassembled and you’ll need to put it together yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
  • Consider buying secondhand. You can save big on furniture and still get a piece you adore by purchasing pre-owned furniture. Check online resale sites, thrift shops and yard sales for bargain-priced treasures.
  • Give your furniture a face-lift. If brand-new furniture is not on your budget right now but you’re getting sick of your old stuff, you can make it look like new by reupholstering. Pick up materials yourself at a sewing supply store and look up tutorials online for how to reupholster like a pro. In no time and for a very modest outlay, your furniture will be looking like new. 

You may need new furniture, but you don’t need to break your budget! Use this guide to know when to shop for furniture throughout the year.

Your Turn: Have you picked up furniture at a fantastic deal? Tell us about it in the comments!

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