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December 2023 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

Welcome to AgFed Credit Union's MoneyDig blog! 

Get confident about your personal finances with a number of articles, tips, advice and more.


Don't Get Caught in a Utility Scam

 Dec 29, 2023
The guy in coveralls at your door and the email with the big, threatening CUTOFF NOTICE subject line have one thing in common: They’re both trying to scam you. Get tips on staying safe!

Get on Financial Track in the New Year

 Dec 27, 2023
Do you feel like your financial situation has been going off the rails on a crazy train for years, or even decades at this point? That doesn’t mean you can’t act now to change your direction and get on financial track in the New Year and beyond.

Affordable Sustainability - Lower Your Carbon Footprint

 Dec 21, 2023
You’ve heard a lot of talk about carbon footprint and how you should shrink yours, but how exactly can you go about that? We’ve got some real-world ideas you can use today!

How to Check Your Financial Vital Signs

 Dec 19, 2023
Everyone wants to be financially secure. Regardless of your age or current goals, there are key financial figures that will impact your adult life. These numbers help you gauge where you stand and provide a roadmap to improving your overall financial well-being.

What to Do if You're Behind on Your Car Payments

 Dec 15, 2023
Life always has its ups and downs. When those downs include financial challenges, it can severely strain even the most well-crafted budget. If you fear falling behind on your car loan payments, don’t panic. You are not alone and there are many solutions to help get back on track.

How to Spot this Season's Holiday Scams - Part 2

 Dec 12, 2023
Every year, toymakers release their next big thing that drives kids crazy and sends parents into a frenzy. Just like toymakers, fraudsters are upping their game as the holidays approach. This article continues with even more popular scams that will surely make an appearance this holiday season.

How to Spot this Season's Holiday Scams - Part 1

 Dec 07, 2023
The holidays bring joy and celebration, but it’s also a season when fraudsters are up to their most deceiving tricks. We’re here to help you stay safe by shining a spotlight on some of this season’s most common scams and their warning signs, plus tips on how to protect yourself.

How Can I Beat Inflation and Save on Holiday Shopping?

 Dec 04, 2023
Don’t let Old Man Inflation suck all the joy out of the holidays for you this year when it comes to gift shopping time. We’ve got some ideas that will keep your friends, family and budget happy!