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July 2022 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

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Is Having No Debt a Smart Move?

 Jul 27, 2022
Debt often seems like a four-letter word - something everyone should do their best to avoid. But it may not be as simple as that.

Is the Zero-Based Budget Right for You?

 Jul 21, 2022
While there are many budgeting styles, the Zero-Based Budget is a method that’s gaining in popularity. Originally created for businesses, the zero-based budgeting process forces organizations to justify every expense – helping to trim the fat and prevent excess spending. When applied to individual or family budgets, it works in much of the same way. Keep reading to discover if this budgeting style is right for you.

Should I Buy out My Lease?

 Jul 19, 2022
If you’re getting close to the end of your lease term on your car, you might be getting offers to buy out your lease. This is when you pay the “buyout price” for the car and become the owner. With the new and used car markets so hot right now, it’s not a bad idea as long as you set up financing at the lowest rate you can get and be sure the car is actually worth what you’ll end up paying.

11 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

 Jul 13, 2022
Did you just feel a cold breeze on your suntanned back? It’s back to school time sneaking up on you! Worry not, we’ve got hacks to save you big bucks!

How to Protect Family Members from Scams

 Jul 11, 2022
Nowadays, everyone in the family is using technology - from kids to grandparents. These convenient digital tools instantly connect everything, from friends and family to financial accounts and shopping. Unfortunately, they also open the door to fraudsters. It’s more important than ever to educate your family members about online safety and how to avoid becoming a victim of the latest scam.

Tips for Traveling Abroad

 Jul 07, 2022
No matter how much advance planning you do for a trip abroad, there are always some details that require last-minute handling. Some of them become routine, but they are important, nonetheless.

4 Ways to Stay Financially Fit this Summer

 Jul 05, 2022
Summertime, and the living is easy … or at least it will be if you have your budget ready! Summer doesn't have to break your bank!

Independence Day Celebrations, Yesterday and Today

 Jul 01, 2022
These days, the Fourth of July is a day for barbecues, parades, fireworks and all manner of patriotic displays … which is how at least one of the Founding Fathers envisioned it, even if he couldn’t imagine the options we have today. We’ve got some budget-friendly ways to really get in the spirit!