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April 2022 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

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Don't Get Caught in an Auto Warranty Scam

 Apr 28, 2022
Car warranty scam calls are everywhere, and the average person gets 28 scam calls a month! Don’t fall for robot voices, demands for payment or pressure tactics. And watch your regular mail for official-looking “notices” that are from scammers, too! Guard your personal info, don’t pay up front for anything and report scams to the FTC. Oh, and block the number the scammer is calling from. Eventually, you’ll quiet them down!

Small Steps for College Saving

 Apr 25, 2022
As a parent, one thing that is always looming in the background is your child’s college education. Yes, you want the best for your child – to send them to a good school; to make sure they get a great education. But, all you hear about in the news is skyrocketing college prices. Not to mention you’re trying to save for your own retirement and everyday expenses. So how do you make it all work?

All You Need to Know About HELOCs

 Apr 21, 2022
You’ve heard of a home equity loan, but have you ever heard of a home equity line of credit, or HELOC? It works much like an Home Equity Loan, but you have a specific amount you’re able to draw over a specific period. Read on to learn more about HELOCs.

Should You Pay Money for Good Grades?

 Apr 19, 2022
Every parent wants the best for their child, and schooling plays a significant role in determining what opportunities await them later in life. While there are many techniques to help children excel in school, a commonly debated topic is whether you should pay your child for good grades. Before you decide, it’s important to understand how paying for grades works and the potential benefits and drawbacks.

The Unobvious Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

 Apr 13, 2022
You can probably guess that an emergency fund is for financial emergencies just by the name. Everyone can agree that most financial challenges tend to pop up when they’re least expected. While the uses for an emergency fund may be obvious, the costs of not having one are often overlooked.

7 Habits of People with High Credit Scores

 Apr 11, 2022
Upon reaching adulthood, one number that can dramatically impact your life, both financially and otherwise, is your credit score. While a good credit score is to be desired, it isn’t always easy to obtain. Life throws everyone curve balls that knock their financial plans and budgets off track. So how do you build and maintain the high credit score you desire? Below are seven habits commonly found among those with high credit scores.

How to Beat Spring Allergies Without Spending a Fortune

 Apr 07, 2022
Allergy season is here, and it can make you and your budget sick. We’ve got some ideas that can lessen the symptoms without emptying your wallet.

Teaching Your Child to Grow Their Savings

 Apr 04, 2022
Over the years, parents teach their children many things. One important lesson that parents need to teach that often gets overlooked is the importance of saving money. These tips will help parents teach children of all ages how to save more, manage their money, and grow their savings effectively.