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July 2021 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

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Tips to Simplify Your Financial Life

 Jul 29, 2021
Everyone knows money stresses people out. In fact, 90% of Americans have reported that their finances are a primary source of stress, and the Coronavirus pandemic certainly hasn’t made things any easier on us. If you’d rather do anything other than balance your budget or do your taxes, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, money concerns have a tendency to catch up with you. The good news is we’re here to help. Here are three basic principles to help you simplify your financial life.

10 Ways to Make Your Accounts More Secure

 Jul 26, 2021
With online transactions increasing each year, it’s more important than ever for people to become vigilant in protecting their identity. Identity theft and fraud are on the rise, and scammers are becoming smarter and more creative with how they’re targeting people and their accounts. Figuring out where to begin to protect yourself can be overwhelming. Here are ten things you can start doing right now to help keep your accounts more secure.

Paying for Your Wedding: Personal Loans vs Credit Cards

 Jul 23, 2021
Paying for a wedding is no small order. There are many details involved — and the entire process can be quite expensive. Many couples rely heavily on credit cards or a personal loan to get them through their weddings. But there is one choice that is almost always the better option. Here’s what you need to know about using credit cards compared to a personal loan to pay for your wedding.

Auto Insurance Types Explained

 Jul 20, 2021
Auto insurance is not always as straightforward as people imagine. For one thing, there’s more than one or two types of car insurance, and the various types of coverage offer different levels of protection. We think it’s important for everyone to have at least some understanding of the coverage options most insurers have available, so we made this list to help you get up to speed.

Understanding the Risks of Online Gambling

 Jul 14, 2021
Throughout history, gambling has been a popular pastime. Today, it’s even more accessible than ever before due to online gambling websites. Unfortunately, what can begin as an enjoyable pastime and opportunity to relieve stress, can present quite a few challenges — especially with the ease of gambling with your credit or debit card.

Know Where Your Money Goes

 Jul 12, 2021
Saving money is hard, especially when the majority of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. The truth is that most Americans don’t have the money management skills necessary to budget effectively. But don’t worry, these are skills you can learn and master with some time and effort. Learning these skills will help you better understand where your money goes, which is the first step in having financial control.

How to Avoid Common Dealership Tricks

 Jul 08, 2021
When you’re buying a new or used vehicle, you have a sales professional by your side to help you make the best decision. But, are they always helping you to buy the car that’s right for you, or do they have a profit goal in mind instead? You can protect yourself and ensure you invest in a quality vehicle at the right price. To do so, it helps to know some of the tricks dealerships use as well as a few tips for ensuring you’re satisfied with your investment.

How to Buy in a Competitive Market

 Jul 05, 2021
In case you hadn’t noticed, the housing market has sort of exploded lately. For those looking to sell a home, this is excellent news. But if you're on the other end of the process, where you were looking to buy a home sometime soon, it might not have been what you were hoping to hear. Buying a house in a competitive market can get complicated, and the fierce competition for a good home can drastically change the buying process itself. Fortunately, we have some advice to help you get ready to pou