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January 2023 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

Welcome to AgFed Credit Union's MoneyDig blog! 

Get confident about your personal finances with a number of articles, tips, advice and more.


10 Common Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

 Jan 30, 2023
The greatest challenge with retirement is that the road to get there is long. With a goal so far on the horizon and the multitude of obstacles life throws at you along the way, it’s easy to become distracted and stray from your retirement plan. Regardless of where you stand right now, it’s wise to review the mistakes others made before you – allowing you to avoid them yourself.

All you Need to Know About Check Washing

 Jan 25, 2023
Check washing is an old scam that’s alive and well today, and which now can add identity theft to the dangers. We’ll tell you how to keep your money and your information safe!

7 Reasons to File Your Taxes Early

 Jan 23, 2023
Filing your taxes can be a bit of a headache each year. While many people may have good intentions of filing as soon as they get their W-2s, the reality is people often procrastinate. Then, before they know it, the deadline sneaks up and forces them to reorganize their schedule to make time to file, causing a great deal of unnecessary stress.

How to Purchase Your First Car

 Jan 19, 2023
Buying your first car is both exciting and a bit overwhelming. It’s a big decision that will impact your finances for the next several years. As a first-time buyer, you want to know you’re making the right choice and not being taken advantage of by the dealership.

Tips for Empty Nesters - Downsizing

 Jan 17, 2023
The last kid has left the house, whether to college or life on their own, and you’re officially an empty nester. What will you do? We’ve got some ideas to help you get started!

How to Get Back on Track After Overspending

 Jan 11, 2023
Everyone has months where their budgets take a detour and get off track. Whether it’s because of an unexpected expense or a much-needed, unplanned vacation, a hit to your monthly budget can definitely cause stress.

Tips to Increase Your Credit Score in the New Year

 Jan 09, 2023
When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, saving more money and improving one’s financial standing always come out near the top of the list. And having a great credit score can help you accomplish both.

What to Buy and What to Skip in January

 Jan 05, 2023
Are you all shopped out after the holiday sales? Well, grab your shopping bags one more time because we’ve got deals for you to find (and stuff you’ll want to skip).

Start the New Year Off Right: Debt Consolidation

 Jan 03, 2023
Ever feel like your debt is difficult to manage? You're definitely not alone. It's easy to turn to credit cards to make ends meet (or even to get a bit carried away buying holiday gifts). But debt grows quickly, and dealing with all those payments, high-interest rates, and monthly statements can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, debt consolidation may offer a solution.