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May 2024 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

Welcome to AgFed Credit Union's MoneyDig blog! 

Get confident about your personal finances with a number of articles, tips, advice and more.


Making the Most Out of Financial Windfalls

 May 30, 2024
What would you do with an extra $1,000? What about $10,000? Or $100,000? You’ve probably spent time daydreaming about what you would do if you suddenly received an unexpected financial windfall. While it can be fun to treat yourself, it’s important not to lose sight of the potential impact these funds could have on you and your family’s future.

4 Home Improvement Projects With High Long-Term Return

 May 28, 2024
Before you fix up the old home place, check our list for the best projects to increase home value!

Retirement Savings for Every Life Stage

 May 24, 2024
Retirement planning can be a tricky subject. Everyone’s retirement goals and savings plans are unique. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use industry benchmarks to help guide you along the way. While your golden years will vary from others, it’s important to know where you’re going – and how to get there.

When is a Bargain Not a Bargain?

 May 21, 2024
Is that item on sale? Is it at a liquidation sale? Is there fat rebate offered by mail? These and more aren’t always reasons to buy. Get the info!

All You Need to Know About Pig-Butchering Scams

 May 17, 2024
Have you ever heard of a pig-butchering scam? It’s just as brutal as the name sounds, and you’ll find yourself out tremendous amounts of money. We’ve got all the details!

All You Need To Know About Spoofing Scams

 May 15, 2024
Spoofers, scammers and deepfakes, oh my! The online world has brought us many great things, but it’s also given scammers a huge playground. Find out the new ways they come after you!

Strengthening Financial Foundations as a Family

 May 13, 2024
In today’s ever-evolving economic landscape, financial education for families has become crucial. One way to instill valuable lessons from an early age is through the concept of banking together as a family. By leveraging the credit union’s resources, your family can embark on a journey toward financial empowerment.

Best Times to Buy - Mattresses

 May 07, 2024
Your aching back is telling you it’s time for a new mattress, but when should you buy? We’ve got a guide to help you know how to shop and when to hit the stores.

What Changes are Taking Place for Retirement Plans in 2024?

 May 01, 2024
With more people hitting retirement, the system is getting some big changes. We’ve got them all laid out for you as you get into the new tax year.