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February 2021 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

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Get confident about your personal finances with a number of articles, tips, advice and more.


What's Your Money Personality Type?

 Feb 25, 2021
There are five main money personality types. What is yours and how can you improve your financial health?

How Can I Use the Equity in My Home to Do More?

 Feb 22, 2021
A lot of us have been spending more time at home than we’re used to, which means it’s harder to escape those little home-improvement projects we’ve been putting off. If you’ve got a “honey-do” list almost long enough to use as wallpaper for your bathroom, you’re not alone.

Securing Your Home Devices: How & Why

 Feb 18, 2021
With so many people using smart devices in their homes these days, it’s more important than ever to make sure they are secured. Since these devices connect directly to the Internet, you may not realize they collect and share your data. Therefore, it's essential to understand how they work — and, more importantly, how you can secure them.

Money Tips for Buying a New Car

 Feb 16, 2021
Buying a car can get complicated. Check out these tips to get the most out of your budget.

Navigating the Money Conversation with Your Significant Other

 Feb 08, 2021
Don't wait to have this important conversation with your significant other.