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June 2021 Archive for MoneyDig

By: AgFed Credit Union

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Steps to Take if You’re a Fraud Victim

 Jun 30, 2021
Unfortunately, identity theft impacts many people each day. Because of the potential resulting damage, if you become a fraud victim, it’s essential to take swift action to get the situation under control. While this may take a few steps, you must do what is necessary to minimize fraud’s harmful effects.

7 Tips to Move on a Budget

 Jun 28, 2021
We all know how stressful moving can be. Not only do you have to go through every item in your home, but the cost of moving can put a strain on your wallet. While many people know about the large costs — like paying movers or renting a moving van, there is also a range of smaller expenses — from gasoline to packing supplies — that can add up as well. Here are seven tips to help you move on a budget.

What's on Your List This Summer?

 Jun 21, 2021
After a pretty confined and sedentary 2020, a lot of folks just can’t wait to get out for some summer fun. With all the stress of this past year, don’t you think we deserve it? We’re all a bit tired of being cooped up, so most of us are going to be spending our time looking for something fun to do. We’ve heard about everything from vacations to stay-cations, and we want to share our list of summer ideas with you!

Just Got Married? Time to Set Some Financial Rules!

 Jun 18, 2021
Getting married can be exciting. Once the honeymoon is over, you’ll begin settling into the routine of married life. Your decisions from now on will no longer just affect one person; it will also affect your spouse. To avoid falling into financial issues, one of the first things you should do as a couple is to create a household budget.

Why a Good Credit Score Matters

 Jun 16, 2021
You’ve probably heard by now, more than once, that it is important to have a good credit score. While this sounds good and wise, the importance of a high credit score often doesn’t sink in until you see it in black and white. We want you to understand that a good credit score matters in very real ways. The following example will help illustrate the difference your credit score makes for how much you pay for loans, such as financing a vehicle.

Renting vs. Buying – Should I Purchase a Home or Continue Renting?

 Jun 14, 2021
Purchasing a home is an investment in your future. It’s a HUGE decision and should not be taken lightly. If you’ve been renting for a long time and feel like you’re ready to buy a home, or are a homeowner wondering if renting makes more sense, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of renting and buying. Hopefully, we will be able to give you better insight into your options, facilitating your decision-making process.

How to Get the Most Money for Your Trade-In

 Jun 10, 2021
While many people may think they have some tricks up their sleeves to obtain the best deal on their next new vehicle, typically, it’s the car salesman that seems to always come out ahead. However, if you approach your new car shopping with a plan, you might be able to grab yourself a great deal, even when you’re trying to trade in your existing vehicle. Here you’ll learn some tips on how to get the most money for your trade-in.

Now Might Be a Good Time to Refinance Your Home Loan

 Jun 07, 2021
Depending on your situation, refinancing your home could be either an expert financial decision or a worrisome financial misstep. That can be a lot of pressure, but we’d be happy to help you out! To get you started, we’ve put together some refinancing advice for you to consider.

Understanding Your Car Insurance (and Payout)

 Jun 02, 2021
How do you file a car insurance claim? What do you need to know? How will an accident affect your auto loan? For a lot of drivers, the inner machinations of car insurance are surrounded by mystery and confusion. We understand that insurance can get complicated. So we’ve put together a straightforward overview to to help you navigate the rocky waters of the claims process.