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There's still time to take advantage of your home's equity!

 Oct 22, 2021
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Fall is here, and a lot of the world is already preparing for cold winter nights and cozy sweaters. But don’t get ahead of yourself just because you’re already seeing holiday decorations in stores!

There’s still plenty of decent weather left, and you have time to finish those home-improvement projects you had to delay this summer. Plus your contractors might appreciate the cooler temperatures!

So here are 3 types of home improvement projects you still have time to tackle this Fall:

Tackle that project you put off this summer

Many of us who were looking forward to some new renovations have had a strange year. Between extremely high prices for materials and extra long waits for contractors, plenty of folks have resigned themselves to starting their projects up next year.

With the cost of materials in a much more reasonable place, those bigger construction projects are back on the table. We might have gotten past summer in the technical sense, but there’s still plenty of time to get building.

Getting your dream deck or patio built this fall could be ideal. You’d be able to enjoy the cool autumn air in your new outside space, instead of watching the leaves change from behind a window.

You could put up that nice, new shed you’ve been wanting in the backyard. After all, you don’t want to leave all that bulky lawn care equipment in your garage all winter. Or, perhaps you’d rather have a “She Shed” as a backyard getaway?

You easily have time to spruce up the outside of your house, as well. A fresh coat of paint not only looks good, but also affords you some protection from the elements. It can even help prevent exterior wood from rotting during the wet season.

Speaking of, you should take a look at the siding on your house while you’re out there. Good siding does a lot to keep your house protected and insulated during the winter months.

Get your exterior exceptionally prepared for winter

While you’re preparing for winter, there are some other summer and fall projects that you should consider taking care of. These parts of your house are easily overlooked, but they can make a big difference when the seasons change.

It’s always a good idea to check on the state of your roof before the weather turns. There are a lot of problems that can come with your roof, from cracked shingles to leakage to rot. And it’s hard to overstate how important a dependable roof can be. Just make sure you hire a professional who knows what to look for and how to stay safe.

Another common project isn’t so much overlooked as looked through. Your windows are very important when it comes to the comfort level of your home in the winter. Single pane windows in particular should be replaced, if you don’t want to fight sky-high heating bills or wear your jacket indoors all season.

The next logical move is to check your home’s insulation. Of particular concern is the weatherstripping around your windows, doors, and garage door. These strips of insulation protect you from drafts, but they do wear down over time.

And don’t ignore your attic, either. Air leaks in your attic double as pest entrances, so you should seal them off with foam insulation.

Make your interior the place to stay in and get cozy!

Maybe your home’s exterior is as perfect as can be, but you still might want to consider the inside. After all, that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time while you’re avoiding the chilly weather. Even as we get later into the fall, there’s still plenty of opportunity to freshen things up.

You could even get started on remodeling that kitchen or bathroom you’ve wanted to blow up and start over since last year. After all, you’ve had to deal with it long enough, and it’s time to bring in a professional.

It’s never a bad idea to redo the family or living room, either. You’ve spent a lot of time there, and with winter coming, you’re probably going to hang around the house even more. You deserve a comfortable, fun, and cozy place to wait out the bad weather.

Finally, if you have a nice fireplace, don’t forget to have it inspected and serviced. This goes for your heating system as well. These things make a huge difference when all you want to do is warm up.

You deserve a nice place to live, and we want to help

For the past year and a half, a lot of us have avoided letting strangers into our homes at all costs. This means bigger interior jobs might have been put off, and it’s probably time to take care of them. It’s not a bad idea to get your carpets cleaned, or hire painters, as long as you’re doing your best to stay safe.

At AgFed, we put our members first, and our highest priority is making your life easier and better. Home improvement projects can be hard enough, and financing them shouldn’t be just another problem. If you need help financing your home improvement projects, please take a look at our home equity and home equity line of credit page.

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