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What are the daily access limits on my Debit Card?

The daily limit for point of sale purchase with your debit card is $5,010. The daily limit for cash withdrawal with your debit card is $1,000.

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What is the daily access limit on an ATM card?

The daily limit for a cash withdrawal with your ATM card is $500.00.

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How old does a member have to be to apply for a Visa Credit or a Debit card?

To apply for a Visa Credit Card, members must be 18 or older.

To apply for a Visa debit card, members must be 16 or older and a parent or guardian must be a joint owner on their membership.

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What do I do if my card won't work?

Call 202-479-2270 or 800-368-3552 to speak to a Member Service Representative to determine the nature of the problem.

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What is the difference between an ATM Card and a Debit Card?

Most ATM cards are debit cards and vice versa. ATM cards access cash only. Debit cards access cash and are also used to make purchases at retail locations in the same way credit cards are used. You'll know if you have a debit card if there is a Visa logo on the front of the card.

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What do I do if the ATM does not dispense the money I asked for and the funds have been deducted from my account?

Please contact us at 202-479-2270 or 800-368-3552 for the necessary forms and provisional credit may be issued to you upon receipt of the completed forms. 

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What should I do if I am out of town and my credit or debit card is declined and I know that the funds are available?

If this occurs during business hours, 8:00am to 4:00pm EST, please call 800-368-3552 and select option 4 if you are having a debit card problem or option 5 if your card is a credit card.  If you are calling during non-business hours, please call 202-479-2270 or 800-368-3552 to speak to a representative. 

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Can I use my Visa Credit or Debit card internationally?

Visa Credit and Debit cards can be used for international merchant transactions. However, it is important that you notify us of your travel plans prior to leaving via secure or regular email.

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Where are your ATMs located?

We have two ATMs located within the South Building complex, one at the Kennedy Center, one at the Beltsville (GWCC) office, one in the Riverdale Branch and one at the Sidney R. Yates Federal Building. We also have one ATM in Kansas City, MO. To find the addresses of these ATMs and other free ATMs, search for your city or zip code in the ATM/Branch Locator at

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What if I have a pending ATM dispute?

A provisional credit is normally issued to you within two business days of us receiving the forms, pending contact with the owner of that ATM.  We will contact you if we believe your provisional credit will be delayed.  Please contact us at 800-368-3552 or 202-479-2270 in the event that your credit has not been issued. 

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How do I apply for a debit card?

You may apply for a debit card by calling us at 202-479-2270 or 800-368-3552 or by sending an email to 

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Can I select my own PIN on my Visa Debit and ATM card?

To select your own PIN for your Visa Debit card, you should call 866-762-0558 from the home telephone number we have on record for you.  You will need the last four digits of your social security number to change your PIN.

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Can I make a deposit to an ATM that is not an AgFed ATM? Does it matter if it is a check or cash deposit?

Deposits can be made at any ATM displaying the 'Star' logo and at any Family Service Center branch. Only check deposits should be made through an ATM.

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How do I order a new ATM or Visa Debit Card? I lost or misplaced my card.

You may block your lost or misplaced card by contacting us at 202-479-2270 or 800-368-3552 between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday thru Friday.  We will also order you a new card at that time.

If you discover the loss of your card during non-business hours, please call our Audio Response Teller (ART) at 202-488-3130 immediately to block the use of the card.  Then you may contact us at 202-479-2270 during regular business hours or send us a secured e-mail by logging into your account online and clicking on the ‘Online Applications’ tab to order a new card.

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If I want my minor child to use my VISA Debit card, do I need a separate card or account for them? Can I just let them use my card?

Your 16 year old or older child may get a debit card for their account with a $250.00 daily limit, as long as a parent or guardian is joint on their account.

You might also want to consider a Student Prepaid VISA® CardThe card is reloadable and can be used worldwide wherever VISA® debit cards are accepted, including online and on the phone.  AgFed has the cards available.

You should not give your Visa debit card to anyone to use.

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