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Save your money for a rainy day or a sunny one!  

A Savings account at AgFed is just the beginning of your financial and savings plan - savings accounts are designed to help you make the most of your money.  You can open an account with just $5 and then you can take advantage of all of our great products and services. We pay dividends quarterly and you can always make additional deposits to your account. This is an excellent account to set aside funds for emergencies and unexpected expenses.

Want your money to earn a little extra? Try a high-interest earning Money Market account.


Are you saving for something special?

You can also open a special savings account, either a Holiday or Vacation Club account, but to you it will be your “Dream Wedding Fund”, “Best Gift Ever Fund”, “Can’t Wait until Spring Break Fund”, or “Sweet Ride Fund”. 

With these accounts, you will have a separate special savings account and it will still earn the same competitive dividends and be accessible through Online Banking or at any branch location. It is easy to watch your money grow as you payroll deduct into your AgFed Holiday Club and/or Vacation Club Account.

Holiday Club 


The funds you save in your Holiday Club are automatically deposited into your savings account in November. An early withdrawal fee applies.**

Vacation Club


Set some funds aside for your next adventure. The Vacation Club withdrawals can be made at any time.

Second Savings Account


Easily manage your finances by organizing your funds into separate secondary savings accounts for your unique purposes.


Insurance Fund

Savings FAQs

Share Savings & Share Checking

Account Type


to Open


Daily Balance




Base Share $5 $0 - $99.99 0.00% Quarterly 0.00%
    $100 - $2499.99 0.02% Quarterly 0.02%
    $2500+ 0.05% Quarterly 0.05%
Vacation Club $0 $0 - $99.99 0.00% Quarterly 0.00%
    $100 - $2499.99 0.02% Quarterly 0.02%
    $2500+ 0.05% Quarterly 0.05%
Holiday Club** $0 $0-$99.99 0.00% Quarterly 0.00%
  $0 $100 - $2499.99 0.02% Quarterly 0.02%
  $0 $2500+ 0.05% Quarterly 0.05%
All-Stars/Young Millionaire $0 N/A 0.02% Quarterly 0.02%
Share Checking $0 N/A 0.00% N/A N/A
IRA Share Savings $5 N/A 0.05% Quarterly 0.05%


*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are subject to change without notice.
**Early withdrawal fee applies. Click here to view Schedule of Fees.


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