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Money Market FAQs


Money Market Questions

Questions & Answers

What is the minimum balance to open and maintain a money market account?

The minimum balance to open a Money Market account is $2500.00.  If the balance in the account falls below $2500.00, the rate on dividends earned will be based on the current Primary Share rate.

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Can I get checks for my Money Market account?

You may get checks for your Money Market account.  They are special checks that cannot be written for less than $500.00.

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Are there limits on transactions I can do with my Money Market account?

Money Market accounts are federally regulated and must follow specific guidelines.  You may have no more than six (6) pre-authorized, automatic, or telephone transfers from these accounts to another account of yours or to a third party in any month.  Those transfers include checks you write on your Money Market account.  

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