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I don’t know where to begin. Agriculture Federal Credit Union has been more than good to me; I have been a member for over 15 years. There was a time in my life when I did not know how to handle money, or even respect money. I had many bills and my credit was not the best. I had more expenses than money and the bill collectors were calling and sending notices once a week. I was in a deep hole financially and did not know what to do. As I was sitting in my office one evening, an email came from AgFed Credit Union advertising hardship loans with low-interest rates. I decided to call the credit union and ask what the requirements were and do you have to have a specific credit score. With that being said, I applied for a loan and was approved. The representative treated me with the utmost respect at a time when I was in a dark space. Enclosing, I have always recommended other Federal workers to become a member of the Agriculture Federal Credit Union. They are truly family oriented and definitely working on your behalf to ensure you receive all the benefits the credit union has to offer.


Some people may say that kids are too young to start learning about financial responsibility. These people obviously never had a conversation with my mother who would strongly beg to disagree. She enrolled me in the Young Savers Club when I was 11 years old and, in no time at all, I began learning about the importance of saving money. Almost all of the birthday gifts that came in the form of cash, as well as the spare change lying around the house, made its way into my AgFed account in a matter of no time. However, perhaps I was too young to understand how this was really teaching me an important lesson about the power of saving and being responsible for tracking my personal finances. After 18 years, I am still a proud member of AgFed and I am incredibly grateful for the lessons that I have learned. I also appreciate the great memories of my mother taking me to the AgFed bank to physically deposit the little sum of money that I saved and the immense pride that I felt doing so. Over the years, however, that small sum of money grew exponentially and, at times, came in handy. But more importantly, I always felt financially secure and that my funds were in good hands at AgFed. Now, I am looking forward to the day when I can similarly open an account for my child and teach them the same lessons that I learned while saving with AgFed.


I have been with the credit union for 32 years. My first loan I applied for 25 years ago really helped me when I really needed it. It saved my legal issues. Also throughout the years when I needed just a little bit of help, those Holiday and Summer loans of $1000.00 really came in handy and I also was thrilled that there was no credit check. I still bank with AgFed and wouldn't change banks because I find they are professional, friendly and if you don't understand something you will always get an answer from them. They also will get back to you the same day if you email them and I find that their loan percentage is great. I also am glad that during the pandemic when the credit union wasn't allowing you to enter, there were others associated with them that you could bank with.


As a member of the Agriculture Federal Credit Union since 2010, I am grateful for the many services and the ease of the application process.  The online service has been updated and become quite user-friendly for members.  I have benefitted on many occasions from the holiday and summer loans.  The interest and monthly payments are affordable.   Also, since moving across the country (Colorado) in 2017, I am still able to take advantage of the services offered.  


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