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I joined AgFed Credit Union in 1979. There was a branch situated in the Department of Agriculture South building where I had just landed a job. I opened a checking and savings account there and started depositing my checks. Within a year, I financed a new Chrysler automobile with AgFed and a personal loan as well.  After paying off my personal loan, I started buying savings certificates through AgFed, mainly because they had very competitive rates and I have one now as well. When the government required that all employees' paychecks be directly deposited into banking accounts, I chose AgFed and to this day, 44 years later, my retirement checks are deposited there. The house that I currently live in was financed through AgFed (1999). Throughout the years, AgFed has been there for all my banking needs. I can't say enough about my satisfaction with their new mobile app. I look forward to working with AgFed for the years to come.


Like many people, I felt crushed under seemingly insurmountable student loan debt. It seemed like the more I paid, the more I owed! Someone suggested looking into loan consolidation and refinancing—and that's when I found AgFed. Their rates were so much better than the big corporate lenders. I was able to refinance and consolidate several different loans into one manageable payment. Within a few years, I was able to pay off my student debt in its entirety. It was such a huge relief. Thank you, AgFed, I'd recommend you to anyone!  


I've been an Agfed member for about 5 years. In that duration, AgFed has always been great to me. The staff has always treated me with respect, and they've shown that they honor my business. They're very helpful with the answers I need to my account questions. I've done a lot of business with AgFed in terms of loans, from personal, and holidays totaling multiple thousands of dollars with small interest rates that I appreciate. I am so honored to say that AgFed has never declined me. I'm also proud to say I have an A+ standard for business dealing with AgFed throughout my membership. I'm satisfied and grateful to have AgFed as a partner in my corner. 


I’ve been a member since 1991 and the AgFed and its employees have been very helpful in assisting me in my financial needs. However, that’s not really my story.  It began a few months ago on a very busy Saturday morning when my wife came to me and said I needed to talk to some guy on the phone about our Norton renewal policy problem. You know I regard myself as a reasonable intelligent proud government employee who has taken many computer classes and read many scam warnings and who even has protective programs on his home PC. But that morning, I was not paying attention. I ended up giving them access to my credit union account. They had me going so badly that I drove up to the South Building (quite a drive) to fill out the paperwork for a substantial wire transfer. I know what you’re saying: how could he make such an elemental, easy-to-see mistake?? Well, they rely on their prospective victims to be not paying attention. Here’s the good part!  The AgFed employee I filled out the form with already suspected this was a scam (I didn’t know it was a scam at this point) and told me they couldn’t send the wire until Monday. This didn’t make the scammers very happy as they kept calling me asking when they’d get their money. Later that evening I discovered it was a scam when a friend of mine said he had heard of such a scam. I checked on good old Google and sure enough, I was about to get taken. I had to change all my bank accounts, credit cards, automatic payment accounts, and financial accounts and passwords changed. Had to have my computer “cleaned.”  A time-consuming and very anxious period of time. So, Monday came around and the AgFed employee rang me up and apprised me of the situation telling me they would not send the transfer. Whew, whew, and whew! I will be forever grateful to that employee and the credit union staff for recognizing what this was (even if I didn’t) and taking steps to protect me! Thank you all very very much!


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