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I remember when I first opened an account with AgFed back when I was 17 years old. I am now about to turn 27 years old and if it wasn't for AgFed I don't know how I would have started building my legacy. I learned how it was to maintain my checking and savings account. I learned about budgeting by tracking how much I was spending per month. I even got a credit card with AgFed to start building my credit and now I am almost at a 800 credit score thanks to AgFed for beginning my credit building journey. I am glad I was able to open up an account with AgFed from a teenager to adulthood. The mobile app is also very helpful and user friendly so I am able to transfer funds or pay my credit card off instantly. Thank you AgFed for the many resources you provide to customers!


Our AgFed journey started in 1998 when we opened a joint checking and savings account. We added two Young Savers Club accounts and where thrilled when one of our young savers was selected as a winner of the 2001 Young Savers Club art calendar contest. When faced with an unplanned car purchase, we were relieved to easily secure a car loan. Over time a home equity loan made it possible to renovate our dated kitchen. Post retirement we were proud to open a new small business account.  Now we are excited to have a former Young Saver Club art calendar contest winner looking for a first-time mortgage. As our family has grown, we are proud that AgFed has been part of our journey for 22 years.


I have been a member since 1989. That is 31 years. Probably older than many of the current members. I went through the last year of the 80s then the 90s, and  now onto the 2000s. We survived the Y2K scare together.  I remember when I joined the tellers were located in the Smithsonian Castle building. I got my first car new loan from AFCU. I purchased a new 1996 Nissan Sentra for $11,900 (price of a older used car today). My sons got their first Visa cards from AFCU. I use the savings account to save for my son's first car and family trips. AFCU has been great with providing a summer splash loan and an emergency loan during the current pandemic. Over the years I talked up AFCU. I have convinced my coworkers and family members to join. Thumbs up to AFCU. Here's to another 31 years.


As soon as I began my federal government career I began depositing small amounts from my biweekly paycheck. Small amounts were all I was able to contribute but I soon realized these savings accumulated and enabled security and as time increased so did my feeling of empowerment. This empowerment led to credit security.  Many refer to having a successful business is based on location, location, location. That was the case years ago in having the AgFed Credit Union office basically just minutes away from my office. But with the security and ease of online transactions available today with the AgFed Credit Union, it's easier than ever. Knowing if I need additional personal attention or have any questions about financial matters makes having the AgFed Credit Union extra comforting for it similar to having a close financial family - similar to having a rich Uncle. The AgFed Credit Union did become more of a family for I opened accounts for my children. They also learned through our shared accounts how to manage their money and saving small amounts of money over time grows and enables opportunities. I believe our family utilized AgFed Credit Union car loans for at least eight automobiles over the years. The ease and rates of loans we obtained from having AgFed Credit Union moved us down the road to our jobs, colleges, and family destinations. Those memories and experiences are so valuable it's hard to put into words. Years ago I retired and remained with AgFed Credit Union and have no reason to leave. And now, thank goodness I did, for having the AgFed Credit Union account became a blessing in 2020 giving me extra financial security during the Pandemic for our family experienced an unexpected emergency. Having an emergency fund allowed us to manage better during a time when venturing outside the home was jeopardizing not only our health but possible future.


When the holidays come around extra expenses like travel add up, AgFed has been there with a helping hand (and funds!). They make it possible for me to travel to see my family who live almost 1,000 miles away AND still provide presents for my children and those I want to show how much they mean to me. Barbara C. has always been the absolute best every time I have applied for personal and holiday fun loans. Just recently she was able to review my loan, get it submitted, approved, and the funds were in my account THE SAME DAY! Barbara, her coworkers, and Agfed's dedication to customer service and their members is why I continue to do business with this group.


When I really needed help with my Holiday Loan AgFed came through exceptionally fast and deferred my payments until I was able to get back on track. I just want to say thank you for all your help.



I researched home loan interest rates in many banks and credit unions. AgFed convinced me fast. AgFed has the best rates when it comes to home purchase and refinancing loans. I recently refinanced my home at 2.75% on a 15 year loan. Ever since I became a member, AgFed has been there for me. Today I was approved for a Home Line of Credit at 3.2%. Things just keep getting better. I referred AgFed credit union to my family and a few co- workers. For me and my family AgFed Credit Union is number 1.



I had recently purchased a car through a bank with high interest rates. Thanks to AgFed I was able to refinance my vehicle and save thousands. 



I opened my only son first savings account with AgFed when he was 16 years old and today he is 31 years old and still uses the same account for his direct deposit and other financial needs. He has never even considered or asked about changing his banking with AFCU. I have been a member with AFCU for over 30 years, since my first Government job with Department of Agriculture. Even though I have moved on to other government agencies, I still keep my AFCU accounts. I have had personal loans, auto loans, credit cards and line of credit accounts. Currently I still have my direct deposit, credit card and line of credit account. AFCU has met all my financial needs with ease for all 3 decades. I'm sure to be a lifetime member.


My response to your invitation: "Member Voices Contest--We want to hear your story!" A.G.F.E.D.: Ah! Generations of Faces Emitting Delight is the graphic acronym I perceive in your promo invitation image. Visually, I see there are 40 faces: old and young; men and women; many nationalities; many ethnicities; many races, and all with smiles! Agreed: AgFed, you are A Gift For Every Day! Banks can be so daunting, but AgFed is so deliverable! Loan agents have been listening, gracious, non-threatening, reasoning and openminded, especially when it came to cases when I inadvertently overdrew in my accounts. Facing my shortcomings in such matters, AgFed agents professionally and politely guided me through "my dilemmas" encouragingly. There was a golden such one who counseled me through a tough financial strain I experienced ten years ago. And by her wise guidance, I have risen above that financial woe ever since. I have been a member for more than 30 years. Life can engulf one with much in such a period of time. For me: Moves, Auto purchases, Promotions, Loss of loved ones, Loss of home, Published works, Retirement. Expansion, mobility, sadness, and successes can describe, as well, in each of those cases. AgFed was there to support me, each time by lending a caring helping hand, keeping me moving forward, and rejoicing with me as i celebrated. Thank you, again, AGFED, for indeed, you are A Great Financial Entity with Doors!


I became a member when working for Dept. of Agriculture in 2012. When I applied for a second chance auto loan, Ms. Barbara was the manager. She was very professional and knowledge. The process was quick and painless. My experience at the branch located at 355 E St S.W. was unique from any other credit union that had encountered. The branch is bright and has an open door policy. Once you enter you are greeted and I always got a warm smile and a friendly hello. Since then, I have encountered some unfortunate life challenges and my account was sent to collections. Brad in Collections was also understanding and addressed my concerns with compassion. As of today my account is nearly back to good standing. Thanks to the kind and compassionate employees at the Agriculture Fed CU.


Agriculture Federal Credit Union has been a reliable source for many years to help me during good and hardship times. I've been a member for over forty years and am forever grateful. With your assistance, I was able to purchase my first new car back in 1969; was approved for a loan to purchase my home. 1st savings accounts were opened for my children to teach them about economics; and during hardship times, an equity loan was provided and paid off in 5 yrs. I am forever grateful for their service. Thanks AGFCU


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