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A.R.T. (Audio Response Teller)

A.R.T. (Audio Response Teller) 24-Hour Telephone Banking

You can access your AgFed accounts and loans seven days a week, including holidays, by using the key pad on your touch-tone telephone. Simply call (202) 488-3130 or (800) 872-AFCU and A.R.T. will give you step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Make balance inquiries, transfers and withdrawals
  • Find out if deposits have posted and which checks have cleared
  • and much, much more!

 A.R.T. Pre-Menu Options:

  • Press 1 to enter Main Menu or activate a new debit card.
  • Press 2 to report a lost or stolen card.
  • Press 4 to apply for a loan.

A.R.T. Menu Options:

  • Press 1 for Balance Inquiries
  • Press 2 for History Inquiries
  • Press 3 for Withdrawals
  • Press 4 for Transfers
  • Press 5 for Checking Inquiries
  • Press 6 for Loan Inquiries
  • Press 7 for Additional Options

For all menus:

  • Press 9 to replay the current menu.
  • Press 0 to speak to operator.
  • Press # to return to the previous menu.
  • Press * to end the call.