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My Virtual StrongBox

What if you could combine the security of a safe deposit box with the convenience of your laptop or smartphone? Now, you can, with My Virtual StrongBoxTM.

My Virtual StrongboxTM stores electronic copies of your most important documents on the web, through online banking. You can save copies of your will, your passport, your insurance policy - any electronic document you just can't trust other cloud providers to protect. It's backed by our multi-factor security on redundant servers with 24-hour monitoring. Best of all, you can customize it to suit your needs.

  • Safe and secure online file storage
  • Certified data centers protect vital information
  • Data is backed up continuously and stored as long as you want it

What can I store on My Virtual StrongBoxTM?

  • A copy of your family's medical history
  • Bank statements, tax documents, pay stubs and other "printer friendly" materials.
  • Photos of your valuables, including serial numbers to make recovery or insurance claims easier in the event of an emergency.
  • Or any other important documents, photos and so much more.

Why should I use My Virtual StrongBoxTM?

In this fast paced environment, it is crucial that you can access your most important information as quickly as possible in a safe and convenient location. Access My Virtual StrongBoxTM anytime, anywhere.

Worried about security?

Don't be. My Virtual StrongBox delivers total information privacy - your documents are yours, meaning only you can store, rearrange, delete or share them. No one, not even your credit union, has access to your private information.

How much can I store on My Virtual StrongBoxTM?

You may store up to 25MB at no cost to you! Need more space? No problem, you can purchase additional storage space at minimal annual cost.