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New Online and Mobile Banking Security Enhancement


The safety and security of your personal account information is our top priority. On October 20, 2020 Online Banking and Mobile Banking will receive a security enhancement, which uses a different form of multi-factor authentication. When you log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking on the morning of October 20th, your Personal Image will no longer be utilized. Instead, a more sophisticated security challenge process will authenticate your identity when logging in. The system will ask for a confirmation code sent via text/SMS or automated phone call, to sign in. 

Important: Please ensure we have your correct phone number on file prior to the October 20th update. To update this information, visit, log into Online Banking and update the information from the Profile Tab. If you are not currently registered, click here for instructions on how to do so.

How will the new secure login verify my identity?

Here's an example of the identity verification screen you will encounter after entering your Online Banking username and password on October 20th. Your current username and password will not change with this upgrade. You will be prompted to select a phone number on file to receive either a text message from 363-97 or an automated voice call from 669-241-2767. Please note that additional users on your account will need to ensure that they have set up their own Online or Mobile Banking login prior to the launch for the text/SMS or phone challenges to appear.


As the text is sent or the call is made, your screen will ready itself to receive the six digit code. Enter this code and select submit. Your code will be valid for five minutes after it is received.


You will then be prompted to set up new security questions. Once, these questions are successfully set up, you will be taken to the Online Banking home screen.


What if I can't be reached at any of these numbers? Can I still be verified?

Yes, you can still be verified. Select the "I can't be reached at any of these numbers" button.


You will be presented with a few knowledge-based authentication questions. You must answer these questions to pass the verification.


You will then be prompted to set up new security questions. Once these questions are successfully set up, you will be taken to the Online or Mobile Banking home screen.

View the video below of the new authentication process.




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