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Person to Person Payments

Pay anyone instantly with email or a mobile number…it is that easy!

Person to Person (P2P) makes it easy for you to get money to the people who need it – your friend, your child, anyone – without having to find an ATM or write a check. Powered by PayPal™, P2P (through Online or Mobile Banking) lets you input how much money you want to send, click a button, and get on with life!

Here’s an example of how it works –

  1. Using your cell phone, you can send cash to your friend for concert tickets by:.
  2. Logging into Mobile Banking and select the Person to Person (P2P) service.
  3. Choose the person you want to receive the money
  4. Enter the amount and which account you want to send the money from
  5. Click Submit!

Your friend gets instant notification of the payment and the funds are in his account right away!

How does P2P work?