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What's on Your List This Summer?

 Jun 21, 2021
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After a pretty confined and sedentary 2020, a lot of folks just can’t wait to get out for some summer fun. With all the stress of this past year, don’t you think we deserve it? We’re all a bit tired of being cooped up, so most of us are going to be spending our time looking for something fun to do.

We’ve heard about everything from vacations to stay-cations, and we want to share our list of summer ideas with you!

A quick disclaimer - We want all of our members to stay happy and healthy this summer, so we encourage everyone to keep health and safety in mind as they plan their summer activities. Please remember to stay socially distant, keep a mask handy, and follow current CDC guidelines.

Get out and hit the road

Nothing quite says summer like taking to the road on a sunny day with the windows down. A good road trip can take you just about anywhere in this amazing country of ours, and it gives you a lot of flexibility to change your plans if you need to. Getting on the road with friends or family could be the perfect way to make some unforgettable memories!

With a little planning, it’s pretty easy to make your road trip safe and socially distant, as well. It goes without saying that you might want to avoid large population centers, but a lot of the more traditional road trip destinations are still a great option, such as our exceptional national parks! There are even apps out there that will help you get your planning started.

And no matter where you go, don’t forget that you can access your AgFed accounts at CU Service Centers and ATMs across the country.

Enjoy the great outdoors

While you’re getting outside, why not go a little further? Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are excellent ways to spend the season having tons of fun. You could spend your time exploring the State Forests around the D.C. area, or even hiking part of the Appalachian Trail! Though you should probably do some training first.

If rivers and lakes are more your style, you have plenty of options. You could spend the summer water skiing, fishing, or even just floating. Thinking about getting an RV and taking your home with you? Don’t be afraid to dream big and escape for the summer!

Pick up a new hobby

If you’re not looking to get far, far away, there are still plenty of things you can do. Really, the sky's the limit this year!

You could learn how to do Acro Yoga, or pick up line-dancing. Maybe it’s time to get that new bike or e-bike you’ve been thinking about. Or is an ATV or jet-ski more your style?

Not looking to get active? Learn how to bake something delicious, or get into winemaking. You could even pick up a longer-term project, like starting a garden.

This summer is the perfect time to start that new sport, activity, or hobby you’ve been waiting for! Whatever it is you start this summer, just make sure you’re safe and properly equipped.

Turn your backyard into a Summer paradise

When you’re not out and about, you’re going to be spending at least some time at home. So, why not turn your house into somewhere you’re excited to spend your time? Your backyard is going to feel a lot more fun with a nice patio and a fire pit for those starry summer nights. Maybe it’s time to turn that grill into an outdoor kitchen where you can show off your culinary skills to your friends and family. You might also want to put in some screens to keep the bugs out.

Start thinking about how you want to revamp your backyard, front porch or balcony, and turn that project into your own slice of paradise.

Get things done this summer

Even if there’s no big trip on your calendar, or you would rather stay inside than get out in the heat, you have plenty of options this season. We’ve all been inside a lot more than usual, so it might be time to fix up that outdated kitchen or bathroom. Maybe you want a closet you can actually use, or a living room you’re excited to spend time in. As a bonus, you get to check that big project off of your list.

This summer is full of potential and possibilities! You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this opportunity to get a breath of fresh air, literally or figuratively. We hope you’re making lots of exciting summer plans! We can’t wait to hear all about it and to help you make them happen.

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