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By: AgFed Credit Union

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A Love Letter to AgFed Members

 Feb 02, 2021

Dear Member,

We were thinking today about how much we appreciate you. We wanted to sit down and let you know how truly important you are really to us.

We still remember clearly the moment when you walked into our branch. You were smiling ear-to-ear and absolutely lit up the room. We knew immediately that we had to meet you.

Remember when you first opened an account with us? We remember that day like it was yesterday. We felt so alive with all the possibilities for our future together.

And here we are, years later, and we’re still excited for what we’ll next do together. We think you are amazing. Your smiles lift our spirits on even our most difficult days.

We’re so glad to have you on our team, working with us to support our local community. With your help, we’re making things better for the whole AgFed family.

We can’t tell you how lucky we feel. You have our back, and we have yours. Through thick and thin, no matter what happens, you can count on us.

And just in time for Valentines Day, we want to show our appreciation with two exciting promotions. Comment on the #whyiloveagfed Facebook or Instagram posts between February 3-10, 2021 for a chance to win a prize or refer a friend, family member or coworker during the month of February for a little extra cash in your account.




The AgFed Team

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2/8/2021 03:40 PM
Thank you for everything you do AgFed!