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7 Virtual Tours for the Money-Minded

 Jan 27, 2021
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Ever wanted to see what millions of dollars actually looks like? Do you think you could spot a counterfeit bill? Did you know there are museums about money?

While staying at home this season, we might not think it’s a great time to do something like, say, tour a museum. Museums across the country and world are proving us wrong, however, with virtual tours of their exhibits available online. Museums about money are no exception.

Here are 7 museums with virtual tours that should keep Money Maniacs entertained:

The Money Museum - American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit organization that educates and encourages people to collect coins. Their website hosts an impressive number of virtual tours, including a virtual reality tour of their “Money of the Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth” exhibit on British currency and a VR tour of the museum itself.

Anyone interested in collecting coins could easily spend a lot of time on their website. You can check out all of the ANA’s excellent virtual tours here:

Federal Reserve Banks Virtual Tours

Several of the Federal Reserve banks have posted a variety of virtual tours on their websites. It’s a nice way to get a look inside the world of money from the safety of your home.

The Economy Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has a diverse set of videos, lessons and tours available online. These larger-than-life exhibits include an eight-foot-tall giant penny and the Million Dollar Money Cube. You can watch their videos and the 360° tour of the museum here:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City also calls itself “The Money Museum.” Their website features a digital exhibit called “Let Us Put Our Money Together: The Founding of America’s First Black Banks.” The digital exhibit tells the story of Black Americans’ struggle to access credit and the establishment of the first Black-owned and operated banks. There’s also a free lesson for students available about this exhibit. You can find it all here:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland offers virtual field trips to K-12 students and university students. All tours are conducted through Microsoft Teams or Webex. They also have an excellent 360° virtual tour of their museum. Just be careful – clicking around too quickly might cause motion sickness. See their website here: Virtual Tours (

Like the others, The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Money Museum is currently closed, but they offer virtual programs for students and an online version of the museum. View what they have to offer here:

For a more simplified virtual tour, check out the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta website. Their tour lets you click through their most notable exhibits, with everything from gold bars to futuristic robot tellers. Check it out here:

Room 68: Money - The British Museum

For our last virtual tour option, we’re heading overseas. The British Museum has dedicated Room 68 to money in all of its forms. You can see all of the possible currencies represented, from coins to bank notes, shells to mobile phone payments. In fact, we can trace the use of money back around 4000 years! This exhibition gives us a glimpse of just how important money has been to human history. Visit the gallery virtually here:

We hope you enjoy all of the different virtual tours and exhibits on this list!

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